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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Baby In His Row

It's so odd...the stages of grief. I have found that there are times that I truly forget that I am a mom. Just because of the hustle and bustle of every day life, other distractions. Never once do I completely forget my baby boy...

It's times like when I think about what Hayden would be doing at this time that I truly remember. He would be 19 months old right now...playing about running around scraping up his knees. He would be the most beautiful boy ever. My mom told me that there was recently another baby buried in Hayden's row. The row is almost full. The baby's name is Hayden too. It breaks my heart to think that just 19 months ago the dirt was fresh where Hayden was layed to rest.

I miss him all the time. ALL the time. But what is so weird is I feel okay most of the time. Some things people say get to me at times, but I know he is happy where he is, dancing in the clouds and watching over me.  My little angel. <3 br="br">