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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day Two

Okay, so last night went as planned; beer, beer and more beer....which of course goes along with calories, calories and more calories....For whatever reason, at the end of a heavy drinking night, I revert back to toddler-hood and cry and act like a retard.....But hey, that's better than getting angry or something... (I think?)

Not only do these wonderful things play a part in the events of my evening, but my lovely hangover decided to visit this morning when it was time to get up for work.

The good thing about last night was that I really didn't eat anything except a tortilla!! Oh gosh....Michelangelos' homemade flour tortilla with ranch and chipotle sauce....a favorite of mine and Jeff's......DELISH.

Okay. So on to my meal plan for today. As you know, a hangover comes with a heavy appetite. So bare with me alright??

Homemade chorizo, egg, and bacon burrito (compliments of my handsome lover boy hehe)
Diet Coke (Shut up, it sounded good)

Crackers and Cheese

Soup?? Not sure yet. Something light

Lets see if I can make it happen....

Monday, May 10, 2010

In the Beginning...

Kaila created her first blog. Yes, I have finally buckled down and given in to the wonderful and persuasive life of the 'blogger'. And actually, it is a bit exciting for me, knowing that I can write about anything I darn well please without having to worry about a single soul 'having' to see it. This is opposed to all my Facebook friends who are 'forced' to see my constant status updates on their news feed 400 times a day.

Anyway. I am very excited because I feel that I will have many memorable moments to share with this dear blog. If in fact I do keep it up to date that is. Which I am going to try my darnedest to do.

I suppose I should introduce myself, as I have never met, or erm...typed in this blog before....(I guess that's what I should say; met?)

My name is Kaila.
I'm 21.
I like long walks and reading classic literature in my spare time.

Wait. No. Scratch that. Classic literature bores me more than nothing else. It sounded good though, didn't it? Hmm. As for the long walks, that was a lie too. I hate walks. As a matter of fact, I despise them and you practically have to force me to walk anywhere. Unless of course there is food at the end of the walk; I could manage it then I suppose.

Which brings me to my next point. My diet. I am determined to lose 10-15lbs by this June. Why? Because. That's why. Because I am sick of sitting down and having a roll over the top of my pants. Is that good enough reason? Well, it may be for some, and if it isn't good enough for the other some, than I'm sorry, but quit reading.

I am going to update with my meals throughout the day (and my binges...eeep!) To not only keep track for myself, but to realize that, you, my fantastic blog, will tease me and insult me everytime I binge. Thus, making me not want to binge....I don't know if that made sense, but it did to me and I guess that's really all that matters.

I also have a wonderful man in my life that you will most definitely be hearing about. His name is Jeff and we have been dating for almost a year. We just moved in together and we haven't been happier. Jeff has a boat you see, which is also another motive for me to lose the extra flab.

So here we go with the meals for day one. And by the way, I am eating less today because tonight we are going to our favorite pizza place, Michaelangelos and drinking beer and obviously having pizza. I have to save calories for that. der.

1 whole grain waffle with butter and light syrup
1 bowl of mixed fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries)

granola bar

small Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread
100 calorie pack of sun chips

I don't know yet

Fat Shit.

Alright so there you have it. Day One.

I will be back later to update on any sudden binges or happenings in my day.