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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The First Time I got to REAAALLLLYYY SEE The Little One :0)

Today was my 12week appointment and I am exactly 12 weeks and two days IT WAS AMAZING!! Unfortunately, Jeff couldn't be there today because he had to go out of town for a week for work :( When I got to Dr. Dorough's office, I was very promptly and cheerfully welcomed back to see the doctor as ALWAYS! I love Dr. D!! And all his office staff!! Everyone is so nice and sweet and willing to help anyone in any way! I asked Susan, Dr. Dorough's assistant if I could do the Urine Protein test AFTER the ultrasound since Doc had a hard time seeing our little one last time. So she weighed me and so far I have gained a total of 5 pounds throughout the first 12 weeks....not too bad, but I gotta start watching it LOL. Then I went into the room and got my phone out just in case we could hear the heartbeat. When I laid down and Doctor put the ultrasound thingy on my stomach my heart fluttered about 1000 times per minute. The most clear image of the baby I have seen!!! At first, baby was sleeping and had it's little adorable hands up by it's face. It's little legs were all curled up and was soooo cozy! Then mean ol' Dr. Dorough came and pushed on it and woke baby up!! It was incredible watching it kick and flail around!!! I got to see it's little feet and hands and eyes and spine....its heart beat was flashing very noticably and Doc said that the little one is about 4 inches long! After the ultrasound, Dr. explained to me that if he does the doppler and we don't hear anything that I have to promise not to freak out because sometimes it's just in the right spot to hear it this early in the pregnancy. I got my phone ready to record and we tried to listen for about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear anything but it was still VERY exciting to clearly make out the baby and watch it move around....I cannot even describe the feeling. Dr. Dorough said that at my next appointment on Oct. 13 we would for SURE be able to hear the heartbeat. That is only 3 days after the wedding; what a perfect wedding gift!!!! You better believe I will be recording it!!! He also told me I need to start looking for a pediatrician and make my appointment for my labor classes. So that's my homework!! Here is one of the pics from today :0) I'm a happy mommy!

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