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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun Day!

Today was a great relaxing day. Other than the fact that I feel HUGE today, overall it was good! It just sucks because I am no longer able to fit into my regular jeans, but I am not big enough for maternity jeans I'm in this phase where I just look....well....HUGE. LOL Yeah, Yeah I know "just wait" haha. Anyway, Went over to Carl and Melanie's today and had BBQ'd tri-tip, corn, bread and pasta salad :0) yum yum! Melanie gave me a little stash of "supplies" for post-partum as well...LOL it was great :0) love it! She also gave me a little magazine with real pics of what the baby looks like month by month! I am not looking ahead to next month so I can be surprised :0) hehehee. I am so glad to have some of my energy returning! I don't feel like I'm walking around on Nyquil anymore lol. I do, however, have more pimples than a 13 year old in puberty. Grrr...not cool!! Oh well, it's all worth it for my little baby :0) Anyway, I will be 11 weeks on monday and will be posting a belly pic! Haven't done so in a while!

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