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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 25!

So our baby-moon this past weekend was a huge success....not the cheapest, but we really did enjoy ourselves and it was a much needed time for Jeff and I. Hayden's little kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger and now, Jeff can just place his hand there on my tummy and feel those movements without a doubt! When we were on our way to Monterey, we were driving and Hayden was kicking so much that it was very visible, even more so than last week, and Jeff got to see it in person rather than over the video! That was really neat. Also, We were lying in bed Saturday night and our tummy's were touching and Hayden kicked hard. Jeff felt it against his stomach and was so amazed! I cannot believe how big the changes are from week to week. Last week when we had our follow up at Dr. Helm's office they said he is measuring at about 1lb 8 oz and that everything looks perfect! He was being so stubborn though and was head down in my pelvis and refused to move!! We didn't get very many good pictures since he was being a little stinker but thats okay...OF COURSE he made sure to flash us his pee pee hehehe. That is one thing he always lets us see! LOL....It's only 14 weeks and 6 days until the due date! I picked out my baby shower invites and my mom and I decided that the shower will be Jan. 29th at 1:00pm :)) I can't wait for all the festivities to come!


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