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Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 24 and only 16 more!

If I go to full term that is lol. I am feeling just absolutely fantastic right now. Hayden is moving around SOO much. It's no longer just a little 'flutter' every once in a while, I mean, he is packing full on punches! My mom is DYING to feel him but every time she tries, he stops! He's such a stinker! Tonight we have CPR and first aid renewal which comes just in time so I am nice and refreshed before Mr. Man comes along! This coming Thursday we have a follow up appointment with Dr. Helm to make sure all is well with this growing little guy, which I am sure it is since I feel his little tushie all day long and into the night! This weekend, Jeff and I are going on a "Baby-moon" to our favorite vacation spot Monterey :) We were originally planning on going to San Fransisco and going to my FIRST ever 49ers game, but it looks like it's going to pour down rain, so we decided against it. I mean, with how we are playing this year, I'm not really going to be missing much haha! The holiday festivities coming up soon are extremely exciting! All my Christmas shopping is done and my Christmas cards FINALLY made it to the post office today. I had them addressed and ready to go in the middle of November, but never went to get stamps so as much as I was prepared, I still ended up being behind lol. Oh well. At least they are out before Christmas this year. Well, I am going to go pack a sandwich since I feel so guilty for giving Hayden so much junk food last week (I had a LOT of Taco Bell). See ya!

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