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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day ??

Well quite obviously the meal planning/blogging diet didn't work out as planned. But really, what do I ever do that works out as planned??

Well the good thing is that it is Summer, the bad thing is now I get to force myself into bikinis I wore my sophomore year of high school because I refuse to spend a fortune on a few small pieces of material to cover my private areas. Plus, it gives me motivation (kinda) to get back to my 120lb self......yeah.....riiiiiight.

Well now that I am going to be late for work, I suppose I shall go but this afternoon I will update you on:

-My iPhone problems
-The "crier" at work
-and any other odds and ends which pop into my brain in the next 6 hours.

Have a Beautiful Day :)

UPDATE on The Crier:
Here is the story:
There's someone at work who has been there about a year. Myself and a co-worker fought for this person to return when they got moved to another location. Upon returning, this person is more sick than anyone I have ever known and has become oddly emotional; constantly leaving work early for "not feeling good" or calling in all together. As a matter of fact, once when she was leaving early, she CRIED cause she didn't feel good.....So anyways. Summer is here and of course we are going on field trips. We were taking the kids on a very big field trip and going up in the mountains. I have a teacher who is like my right hand and asked her to assist me on this trip rather than the "crier" go. If you are wondering why her name is "the crier", your about to find out. When I told the crier she was not going on the field trip, she lost it. Threw a tantrum! Cried and cried and cried! SOOO ridiculous! Talking about how its not fair and blah blah blah! OMG! Then the other day, when I happened to go into the kids bathroom, it was disgusting! Guess who is in charge of cleaning the bathrooms? you guessed it. The crier. When told that she needed to do a more thorough job, she....CRIED! FUCK. I'm over it.

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