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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things I can't get the hang of....

For one. I cannot get the hang of how to eat healthy...Mac and Cheese and Ice Cream and LITERALLY consumed my life.
-Not only that, but after exercising for the first time in about 8 months, my calves are so ridiculously sore that I cannot work out for at least another week.
Therefore, I presume that I cannot get the hang of how to properly exercise.
-Also, I cannot get the hang of blogging because there are simply not enough hours in the day and blogspot irritatingly enough does NOT have an iPhone app.
- I also am awful at Wii bowling, golf, tennis; Wii Sports in general. I am much better at and enjoy creating thousands of little Mii's who look like my enemies and making them look as distorted, ugly and retarded as possible.
-I am sure there are more but I just forgot I have not mentioned the "crier" yet, which may have something to do with my incapability to blog.

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