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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well,,,this blog is soon to be less random and used quite a bit more often :)

Thursday, June 15, 2010 at 3:50pm Jeff and I found out that I am five weeks pregnant! It was the most shocking and amazing moment of my life to hear the words, "Congradulations! You guys are going to have a baby!" I mean, prior to this, I had been feeling a little extra tired, had a tiny bit of lower back pain and my period had been due June 6th and still hadn't come. But I have always had irregular periods and figured that possibly something related to a cyst like I had experienced before was the cause for these symptoms. After all, on Friday the 10th I had taken two pregnancy tests which revealed I was NOT pregnant. But appearently, my life will never, ever be the same; our lives will never be the same. As soon as I found out I called my mom and at first, being a bit shocked all she could say was, "But you have been drinking!!" Her shock quickly turned to excitment along with the rest of the friends/family who found out. My dad was/is having a hard time accepting the news, but I know he will be just as excited. Today, we went to the lake with my mom, Chris, Logan, and Garth. Garth is SO excited to be an uncle. I was surprised at how excited he was! I had my first bit of "morning sickness" as well. So far so good though. Not much nausea and no throwing up yet. Knock on wood. I have been drinking nothing but orange juice, water, and vitamin water for the last three days and I think I have peed about 9,000 times, but other then that I feel great! My first prenatal appointment is this coming Thursday at 10:00am so Jeff and I are so excited about that! Eventually we will get married, sooner than later, and that is something else wonderful to look forward to! Life couldn't be better right now actually :)

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