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Monday, August 16, 2010

Belly pics!

SOOOOO I have not been very good about posting and keeping up to date, but I have been SOO busy planning for the wedding! This week on Wednesday is our doctors appt to find out exactly how far along we are...somewhere between 9 and 11 weeks I guess....hahaha hard to say now hahhaha!! But in the meantime, here are some pictures :0)

Right After I found out ;0) no bump yet! bye bye skinny tummy!
^^^^ about 10 weeks?? (edit: thats just bloating 10.4.2010)


  1. Love it and still only a slight maybe you over ate type belly! Can't wait to see you progress pregnant belly sucks at first but once it's evident your pregnant it's super fun and no one looks at you funny when you want ice cream, chito's and a pickle. LOL

  2. Yeah it honestly looks like I just had one too many cheeseburgers or something LOL