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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update :-)

Hey there! (hey there...) Hello?? (hello??)... Echo!! (Echo!!) Haha. I dunno if anyone actually reads this, but hey, its fun for me 'cause I am actually going to have fun going back and reading this later :0)

So anywho...No luck on my ring...I literally got to wear it for like 12 hours. and it was supposed to be done yesterday!!!! and it's not. I am so irritated. Ughhh. Oh well, at least I know how beautiful it is hahaha.

Tomorrow Jeff and I are heading to the court house to get our marriage license. Then at 11am we have another baby appt :0) Hopefully the baby will be big enough this time to actually see on the ultra sound rather than the vaginal one. I mean, he gave us a picture last time, but you literally need a microscope to see it lmao. The wittle baby is TINY! hehehe.

I made the BEST salad right now. Romaine lettuce, cheese, bacon-bits, croutons, tomato, and home made ranch :-) All the toppings probably defeat the purpose of eating a salad, but nevertheless, it was DELISH. ;0) Well, I am off to work in a bit. I will update again tomorrow after the appt. ;)

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