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Thursday, November 25, 2010

22 Weeks 4 days....and Child Birthing class!

So last weekend, we had our child birthing class. WE LOVED IT. We learned so much and our instructor was really really good. Although, I was the earliest along because I thought my doctor said to TAKE the class between 20-25 weeks, and he said to BOOK the class during that time. OH WELL! lol. What else is crazy is that EVERYONE but one couple, 9 out of 10, are having boys! Crazy. A couple of notes that I don't want to forget are:
1) bring my IZ hawaiian CD to the L&D room, along with my journal, camera, and other relaxing CD's.
2)bring and exercise ball
3) stay at home as LONG as possible. NO epidural for me :)))
5) bring things from home to make the room feel more comfortable.
6) pray for a PRIVATE postpartum room!!

Anyway, I HIGHLY suggest taking the child birthing class through Clovis Community if that is where you will be delivering. The lady is HILARIOUS, plus it's so productive. Even Jeff enjoyed it!

So, I am 22 weeks and 4 days. I am having some 'bladder' problems....when I laugh, cough, bend, or pretty much stand anywhere, I pee! Not a lot, but a enough to totally realize what just happened!! It's terrible! Guess I need to work on those Kegels. Hayden is ALL over the place. Jeff is starting to be able to feel him more but it is a matter of being patient on his part lol.

Today is Thanksgiving and I am ready to get my grub ON! lol

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