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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've been thinking about my baby boy so much lately....just thinking about the fact that he would have been 5 months old last Wednesday had he lived....thinking about how he would be 2 and a half months old had he been born on his due date....just about the woulda, coulda, shouldas a lot. Just missing him so much. I've also been regretting not holding him longer....having professional photos taken of us...I just wish I would have known at the time how to handle that situation, but then again, how could you know? **sigh** I'm also out of ideas for how to decorate his headstone for this month ;( I entered his photo with Jeff kissing his head in a photo contest on Facebook....I haven't checked in a while, but last I checked we were tied for first place. I don't care anymore cuz I know he is the cutest and that that photo is the cutest. :) To me anyway. Ughh Just missing him...there's my little rant. :) Love you baby boy!

 I took these on a couple different days last skies like these remind me of Hayden :)

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