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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Weekend :0)

This weekend has been great :) Friday, Jeff and I went to farmers Market and walked around and bought some of our favorite sweet pepper jelly from the Top of The Hill stand. We walked to Michelangelos after wards and had yummy appitizers and pizza too :0) Yesterday, we took our morning slow, got ready and went to the lake at about 11. It was so relaxing and fun! We met up with Tim and Gina and their family and had a great time. I am getting used to being the only one not drinking, and actually I feel a lot more healthy! I also lasted a lot longer on the lake! Before we went to the lake we grabbed a sandwich at Subway, later to find out that I shouldn't be eating lunch meat because of the chances of Listeria being in the meat!! WTF!? No more sandwiches for me I guess =/ At about 5pm we drove out to a cove by ourselves and there was literally no one else on the lake. We BBQ'd some sqewers we had prepared with steak, bell peppers, red onions, and pineapple and watched the sunset. It was so nice. One more week and we get to hear baby's heartbeat! YAY! can't wait! Feeling good still! Must be the 1,000 pounds of vitamins I have been eating and drinking :)

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