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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Couple Memories I forgot to Write Down

So before I forget these memories in detail, I need to jot them down:
Putting together Hayden's Furniture: 10/30/10
Today we bought the Crib and Changing Table at Target. We were so excited to put it together when we got home! We moved the huge boxes into the living room and ripped open the box for the changing table and took out the wooden pieces and instructions. Jeff put it together in a jiffy and we took it down the little hallway into Hayden's room. Next, the crib. This one took a little more time, but when it was all put together, it looked beautiful! I got on one end and Jeff on the other and we began our journey down the hallway, the very narrow hallway, into Hayden's room...Only, the crib wouldn't fit. Not on it's side, not at an angle, not at all! Meanwhile, I am trapped in the doorway of the bathroom blocked by the bars of the crib! Jeff maneuvered his way out and went to try to take the glass off he window outside which leads into Hayden's room. After 20 minutes of trying, the glass just would not come off! We ended up having to take the sides of the crib off and then putting it back together after we finally got it in there! It was a hilarious experience.

Jeff feels Hayden Kick 11/17/10:
I have been feeling Hayden moving around for about a month now, here and there little flutters and rolling around inside, but none of his movements have been strong enough for Jeff to feel. Last night, he was kicking so much, I asked Jeff to just put his hand there just in case. After waiting a while, Hayden kicked so incredibly hard! It was amazing that Jeff finally got to feel how strong our baby boy is getting! And crazy for me to have been kicked this hard! It was such an amazing moment. Jeff said "I actually saw my hand come up from it!" He was so excited :0)

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