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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I recommend seeing a Chiropractor! and other news...

For anyone who is pregnant right now or plans to be in the future I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Claudia Anrig at Anrig chiropractic. She specializes in prenatal wellness. Not only does chiropractic care help with nervous problems and other aspects of your health, it reduces the risk of having a C-section and shortens labor time immensely! I had major lower back pain during my third and fourth months of being pregnant and after seeing her twice the pain is completely relieved. Also, she gives out tons of great info on wellness during pregnancy, delivery and after the baby... Wonderful! If anyone wants more information please let me know!!! I feel so great! After an adjustment, you can just feel that the baby has more room to move around (Hayden goes NUTS after an adjustment) and you feel that you just sit taller and feel....happier!!

Anywho. Jeff and I are trying to plan a trip out of town to try an get one last trip alone in before he baby comes. We have a few destinations in mind...but we shall see. It all depends on if I can get the time off. Also, I ordered our Christmas cards from shutterfly this year. It was just easier (not necessarily cheaper...) to go this route this year. I am excited on how they turned out....

Anyway, on a baby note...I feel I am getting pretty big now and growing rapidly! Hayden is moving around more and more everyday and getting his furniture really made the reality of it sink in!! We are getting so excited for him to come!! :))

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