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Monday, April 25, 2011

International Babylost Mother's Day: May 1st 2011

Next Sunday I am hosting a Mother's Day luncheon for my Face 2 Face group in honor of International Babylost Mother's Day. Here is the poem I wrote for the ladies (as well as myself). Enjoy! :)

Mother's Day

Some do not understand,
or remember me today.
Just 'cause my baby is not here,
do I not qualify for Mother's Day?

A mother loves her child,
to the ends of the Earth,
she carries her baby in her womb,
and awaits her baby's birth.

She treasures every moment
she spent with her precious baby,
I felt, knew, and know these things,
so why shouldn't Mother's Day be for me?

A homemade Mother's Day card from my baby,
I never get to see,
but what my baby made me feel,
is what made me a Mommy.

Today is a day for Mother's,
and though it may not always show,
I am as much of a Mother as
any other that I know.

Happy International Babylost Mother's Day to all of the Angel Baby Mommies out there. xoxo

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