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Friday, April 8, 2011

Strange Dream

Last night I dreamed that I was in the hospital giving birth to Hayden and the doctors placed him on my chest. I already knew he was gone, but I wanted to sleep through the night with him on my chest. Suddenly, he started breathing and came back to life. I was so excited! Later on, I was on a trip with some friends and we all had our babies with us, and in our hotel rooms, there were needles and syringes all over our hotel room floor. It was so weird...Today also marks exactly three months since I gave birth.
Anyone have a dream interpretation book?


  1. I'd be excited to hear about this... be sure to post results from a book!!!

  2. One of my friends said this: "simply said that you are still hoping for your baby to be alive and syringe symbolizes health uses illness or drug use"

    Well Obviously I wish my son was alive. And Obviously I'm not on drugs, however, I do have that blood disease and have to give myself injections everyday so that could be it. I am interested to hear a few more perspectives.