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Sunday, October 3, 2010

15 Weeks :0)

You know what I have realized? I was bigger at the beginning of my pregnancy than I am right now....I think what I 'thought' was a baby bump earlier on was actually bloating!! I think that I am just now actually starting to "show" haha....It's becoming very common that people are placing their bets and "telling" me what I am having as we approach the coming appointments to find out!! I am choosing to plug my ears and tune out all of the "symptoms" telling me what I'm having. Here's the research that I have found:
  • Myth: Carrying your baby "high" means you will have a boy; carrying "low" means you will have a girl.
    Reality: Lots of factors go into how you look when you are pregnant, including the age of the fetus as well as their position, size, and the mother's overall body shape. If she is short waisted, for example, her pregnancy may look different from a woman who is long waisted. But nothing about the shape has to do with the baby's sex, says Leipzig.
  • Myth: Suspending a gold ring from a string over a pregnant woman's belly can predict the sex depending on the way it swings -- back and forth for a boy, in a circular motion for a girl.
    Reality: "There is nothing about the gender of a baby that will influence the pull of gravity. But some folks believe that, much like a Ouija board, the direction the ring swings may be influenced by the thoughts of the person holding the string -- and they will always be right 50% of the time," says Bartholomew.
  • Myth: If the hair on your legs grows faster during pregnancy it's a boy; if it grows slower, it's a girl.
    Reality: The logic here is that because testosterone may influence hair growth, carrying a boy -- who would ostensibly have more testosterone than a girl -- will do the same. Masch says it's untrue. "There isn't enough hormone present in a fetus to have any significant hormonal impact on the mother's body, let alone cause the hair on her legs to grow," she says.
  • Myth: If you crave sour or salty foods, it's a boy; sweets, it's a girl.
    Reality: Although doctors aren't totally sure what causes a woman to crave certain foods during pregnancy, most universally agree the baby's sex isn't one of them. "There is nothing about carrying a boy or a girl that would influence a woman's taste buds," says Masch.
  • Myth: If a pregnant woman's urine is a dull color, it's a girl; if it's a bright color, it's a boy.
    Reality: "The only thing that influences the color of a pregnant woman's urine is how much fluid she consumes -- if she's a little dehydrated, it will be a darker color; if she's drinking a lot of water, it will be lighter," says Bartholomew.

SO HA! we just can't wait to find out what the DOCTOR says!


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