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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Proud Mama of....

A BABY BOY! we are SOOO excited!

So here's how it all panned out. The last two weeks I have been having severe back pain in my lower back. I called my Dr. Dave today because it was finally getting really bad and he put me on bed rest for the day, and sent me to Advanced Medical Imaging to get an Ultrasound to check on the little one. I told Jeff he didn't have to go because it was just going to be a check up, but that if we were able to find out did he want me to find out? He said yes to find out, sooooo....I arrived at my appointment and the same ultrasound tech that I have had for years there, and she took pictures of the baby's every single inch. From major arteries, to organs, to toes, to limbs, she took it all! It took almost two hours, but it was GREAT!!!! I enjoyed every minute of watching my baby on that screen. Everything looked perfect! Including the little "boy part" which suddenly popped up OBVIOUSLY on the screen! I was like "OMG it's a boy isn't it?" And she said yup you have a boy!!! My hear leaped! I wasn't sure how Jeff would react because he had really thought this whole time that the baby was a girl! After the ultrasound, I drove to Target and bought two newborn shirts. One which read "I love Dad" and one which read "Team Daddy" with a football helmet on it. I planned to give those to Jeff later in the evening during dinner along with the "pee pee" ultrasound picture :0) When I was at Target, Jane, Dr. Dave's nurse called me and let me know that the ultrasound results all looked great, but that they wanted to put me on bed rest for 3 days to help my back. Also, they ordered me a urine test to make sure that it wasn't a kidney issue. So I drove over to the Quest lab, they gave me the pee cup and I had a Prego Brain moment. I just sat down like normal and peed...not in the cup. UGH! I was so mad at myself. Luckily, the guy didnt make a big deal and just sent me home with cup and had me bring it back later...geez these Prego-Brain moments are gonna be the death of me! So after I went and dropped off the pee, I came home and Jeff and I got ready to go to dinner at Olive Garden. SO good. When we got there and he saw the "present" he was like a kid on Christmas and couldnt wait to open it so I let him open it as soon as we sat down. He was shocked at first, but I could tell he was excited to find out that he is having a son. It is so crazy that we can finally refer to the baby as HIM haha! The name we have chosen is Hayden James Pfeifer. :0)

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