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Monday, March 14, 2011

Not a good idea :((

I just went through and read some of my blogs from last June/July/August....during the times I had found out I was pregnant and planning the wedding and everything....I just miss how happy I was...I was SO happy....I can't wait to feel like that again...I was just so dang excited. Usually when someone writes, it is hard to know what tone they are writing in, but I could just hear what I was writing and it was the happiest moments of my life....I just miss my baby so much.....he is all I ever wanted and I was just so ready to be his hurts so bad....knowing I should be 38 weeks and giving birth any day just absolutely depresses me. I know it makes others feel better to tell me that "it will happen again" and that "I will have my time again" but those are the people who haven't gone through this so it seems like it's the right thing to just really isn't...nothing is the right thing to say honestly. Maybe just saying 'i love you' or 'thinking about you'....if that's really the case. That is better than the other option. I dunno...I guess it just wasn't a good idea to read my old blogs...I wasn't ready for it yet =/

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  1. You will always be HIS mommy...and a mommy forever you'll be...; you have an ENORMOUS heart that just explodes with love, and I believe that Hayden will HAND PICK a tiny miracle that will be his brother or sister and get to share that ENORMOUS MOMMY LOVE that you have, too. :) ((Another AWESOME job that Baby Boy can add to his resume..))
    We love you, Momma!