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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visiting my boy

Yesterday I went and visited my little boy and the cemetery had put his temporary headstone in place. This was all well and dandy, however, they spelled his name WRONG!! They put HEYDEN rather than HAYDEN. Really? How does that happen? Oh well, I got a call from Meachem Memorial and they are just about done with his permanent one any way.
I took some little spring and Easter decor over to him and placed a pinwheel with little chicks and an Easter egg on it, a little boy figurine that is sitting down and painting, some flowers, and some little Easter eggs on sticks. It looks nice and cheery now :)
Next week, I am going to go out and have my lunch with him, maybe just sit there on a blanket and read, IDK. I just love spending time there.
I miss him so much. It was so sad, a little girl was just buried there next to Hayden and his friend James recently...but at least he has some kids his age to play with :)
I am getting really excited for this weekend's pot luck for the Face2Face group! It should be fun! Another small group (expecting about 6) but enough for a great time :))
Our Maui trip is coming up soon and I have been going to Pilates 3 days a week to try and get into shape for that....yikes! I promise to work out throughout my ENTIRE next pregnancy! (unless I am forbidden to do so, of course) I have lost so much muscle tone and flexibility! It's crazy!
Anywho, I think that's all that's going on right now :)
TTYL xoxo


  1. A) picnic with baby boy= great idea. I went to visit a childhood/neighborhood friend of mine's gravesite a few years ago, and he lays next to his best friend, who died in battle overseas. This friend of his was engaged. Anywho, when I arrived at his site, his fiance was sitting there with a book and a snack, on a blanket... she said she is so at peace there and does that often. So, yes, fantastic idea. I saw the weather forecast... maybe go Mon or Tuesday (only supposed to be cloudy, whereas before and after its supposed to be rain rain rain..) and maybe bring a few trash bags to lay under the blanket so the water doesn't soak through. =)
    B) Super excited to get together again this weekend! Cant wait to make this rice dish- it sounds so easy, and so refreshing!
    C) Getting in shape.. I'm on that same boat with u girl! Summer is approaching fast... and I need to make good use of the jogging stroller Santa dropped off at Grandpa's house =) When the weather is nicer, we could stroll up and down Pollasky and eat at Corner Cafe or some place that house outdoor tables. Sissy would love to be outside (she loves going on walks) :)

  2. That sounds wonderful :)) (the eating part I mean, not so much the exercise LOL)