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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tummy ache

I have seriously determined that drinking just cannot be my 'thing'...ever...I get SOOO sick every time! Even if it is just a couple drinks I am like on the toilet the entire next day!! It sucks!

I suppose it isn't good for me anyway, especially in this condition...
I just can't seem to write long blogs anymore! Ughh!! It's like nothing has really been going on lately so nothing to update on....
However, I do get to get my hair done on Thursday and then on Saturday I am going to Cathleen's birthday party which is a 20's theme so that should be fun.
I am really excited to be off the coumadin because the headaches have stopped, but my joints and muscles ache all the time sucks really bad! I am on Asprin every day, but I guess the APS is just acting up and there isn't much I can do about it :((
Oh well!


  1. Hi beautiful girl. I find myself getting pretty ill after a few drinks too. Something happens chemically in our body I think. It's hard to go and enjoy a few cocktails when you know you are going to be paying for it later. I hope this gets easier for you. It took me a while to be able to have more than one. Last year on our anniversary I had 1/2 glass of wine and spend the evening in the bathroom just laying on the floor feeling miserable.

    It sees as though you health is getting better, glad to hear this and what's a little aspirin in your diet when it means your getting better? I think we are all supposed to take aspirin everyday to help our hearts anyway right?

    you seem a little down in this blog, hope your feeling better soon.

  2. I haven't been brave enough to have a cocktail yet...still...... since Cambria has been born. Not sure its worth the gut ache (like I NEED another one) but I'd be willing to try eventually. hmm...

    Hope the achiness (word?) goes away or at least suppresses some! Not feeling "yourself" is rough...makes the day just TOUGH to get through-- I'm still battling with fatigue and whatever else the CD does to me. Stupid stupid stupid.

    Cheers to a better day xox