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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BIG update!

Okay, so besides my selfish rant I went on recently (sorry about that) I haven't updated anyone on the latest 'haps' so here ya go:

Health Update:
Saturday night, I went into the ER because I had been having some major pain and tightness in my chest, pain in my jaw, and in my arms. When I looked all of this up online, everything pointed to a Heart Attack. That made everything worse especially since Jeff was working and my mom was out of town. I drove myself to the ER at about 7:30ish. They got me right in because of my history of the DVT and the fact I am on Coumadin. They checked my vitals and did some blood work and chest x-rays. Then they had me sit out in the waiting room for about an hour--obviously nothing serious was being found. They then admitted me to a room where I lay there for TWO hours without anyone even checking my vitals, hooking me up to anything, nothin...I just, lay there. LOL finally I got up and asked one of the other nurses walking around who my nurse was and let her know no one had come to check me out yet. (Believe me, they were VERYYY busy, but if I was fine enough to go home, I would have gladly just left and gotten out of their way!) She went to get my nurse and about 45min later my nurse came in and checked my vitals. My head was hurting and she gave me tylenol. Obviously, my case was not a concern for anyone. No EKG, no nothin. So, I sat and waited for the Dr. to come in. He told me it was probably muscle spasms and sent me on my way. Mind you, this was at 4:30am. LOL. I drove myself home and TRIED to go to bed. It didn't work.

Luckily, my friend Nicole brought me a heating pad and some muscle relaxers over that morning which helped me to rest. I was sore all over. I began thinking it was anxiety attacks. I had my weekly blood test Monday morning so I just waited until then to talk to my doctor.

When I got to my Dr. appt the next morning, I explained to her everything that went on. She suspected anxiety as well and is having me take some herbal supplements to see if they help. She also gave me my referral to get an ultrasound on my leg done to check if the blood clot is gone. Dr. Morlan said that if the clot is gone, I can get off the coumadin and switch to baby asprin which means we can start trying to conceive...but we talked and think we will probably wait a while to start trying again. Who knows, we go back and forth all the time on that. The main reason I want to be off the coumadin is because my hair is starting to fall out and it's driving me nuts!! All my blood tests came back 'not as severe as what she thought' so that is good. I was able to make my ultrasound appt that same day so I got that done. The UT said my vein was compressing nicely and the blood flow was perfect so that is good too! **cross your fingers for no more coumadin!!**

I also got a phone call from the hemotologist yesterday to schedule my appt with him. That is set for March 10th. So man alive....hopefully all of this is gonna be taken care of soon!

Other Updates:
Putting all other news aside, I am so excited because I applied to do some freelance writing for a website called and got the gig! It's pretty low paying, but it's fun and it's just for extra money. Plus the exposure, practice, and the fact I can put it on my resume is great! Subscribe to my articles here:
When I went to grab that link, I noticed one of my articles was featured on the front page!!! WOO HOO!! That was awesome!!

Next, Jeff and I booked our tickets for Maui! We are so excited!!! Maui is just the most wonderful, beautiful experience you could ever imagine...we are just so happy there :)

Ummm....Also, today I am getting an hour long massage at 3:30pm :)) My father-in-law got it for me for Christmas and I just have been a little, ummm, preoccupied and haven't used it yet haha ;)

I think that's all that's going on with me right now, so until somethin' else goes on, ta-ta!

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  1. wow what a night @ the ER... :/// glad it wasnt anything super crazy to add to ur already super crazy history!

    and cooool about the writing gig.. =) super fun! does thisssss mean u get to go around "trying out" new spas?! caussseeee id be GLAD to join ya! lol