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Monday, February 7, 2011

Praise God!!

Glory to God in the Highest!! He is doing such great things for me!!

Today I had my doctors appointment for my weekly blood check-up. My INR, which has been ridiculously HIGH (meaning my blood was basically TOOOOO thin) and up in the 6's and 7's was down to a 3.5!! That is great!! They want it between a 2 and a 3, but that was really close!! Much closer than we have been!

Also, my bloodwork still hadn't come back yet from last week, but the doc wasn't surprised because it was a very extensive blood test. So we need to just pray for that, that nothing more was found...BECAUSE GUESS WHAT!

Starting next week, I will probably be off the Coumadin!!!!!! I will start a baby asprin regimen and they will check to see what is going on with my blood clot in my leg in 4 weeks!! Last week, Dr. Dave and Dr. Morlan (thats my PCP) talked and Dr. Dave said that he was very confident in taking over for my next pregnancy and that he is confident that I will have successful pregnancy! When we do get pregnant again, he will refer me to a perinatologist (not to be confused with palaeontologist lol!) whom I will see along side Dr. Dave to ensure the pregnancy is monitored very closely! IT GETS BETTER! Dr. Dave also said that when I am off the Coumadin, we can start trying as soon as my healing "down there" is over!!!!!!!! YIPPPIIEEEE!!! I am trying not to get tooo excited in case things change, but I can't contain myself! I am so excited!!!

Praise God! Good things are happening in my life right now!!! I know holding onto God is the only way I will make it through this crazy thing I call my life :))


  1. Yyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  2. Praying... I can ask our church to be praying (if you want)

  3. Yaaayyy! happy for you. Are you sure you were refered to a palaeontologist? Hmmm i found this on wikipedia.
    Palaeontologist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Palaeontology note 1] is the study of prehistoric life, including organisms' evolution and interactions with each other and their environments
    Just wonderin'????

  4. OOPS! I meant pareontologist.....I think thats what its called LOL!!!!!