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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Need to VENT

If you get offended by this, I literally don't care. It's my blog and I have every right to feel as I do. Thanks :)

If one more person complains about how they "can't wait for the baby to be here because..." or are "sick and tired of how their babies are doing blah blah blah because..."
1. They are tired of being pregnant
2. They can't sleep
3. They want to party
4. They are getting 'fat'
5. Their baby is 'keeping them up' or crying 'too much'
6. some other IDIOTIC reason...

I am going to literally scream. HOW SELFISH can you be?!?!? I would give ANYTHING to be pregnant with my baby and have him here with me screaming and crying and here for me to hold....As his due date approaches and I have to walk past his bedroom everyday knowing he will never play with the toys or sleep in the crib that are for him, I want to rip my hair out everytime one of 8 people I know who are pregnant or have had their babies complains. I am boycotting all of these girls and if I read it on their facebooks one more time that they just are freakin' unhappy, I have no desire to speak/be friends on Facebook anymore. STOP TAKING YOUR PREGNANCY and YOUR BABY'S LIFE FOR GRANTED.


  1. I am a HUGE supporter of the "hide" button on FB and have had to hide a ton of people for the exact same reason. I get that there are some things I am now really sensitive to that other don't get, but I won't torture myself by having it rubbed in my face.

  2. Denise-

    Absolutely, I think I have "hidden" all of these people officially now...I can't take it anymore...I am glad to know that I'm not just a crazy super emotional lady and that someone out there understands how I feel! :)

  3. You have every right to feel this way! Ever since your baby brother was born premature I have felt this way myself....even more so now!! People that have never delt with a loss or difficult pregnancy have NO IDEA and need to be thankful!