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Thursday, February 3, 2011


**Warning. First Paragraph is Gross. Thanks. :)**

Well, I thought the bleeding was over....But nooooooooOOOOOoooo. Now, I'm onto my period. SHEESH! And let me tell you. I have never been jealous of someone who gets to wear tampons until I had to use pads while on my's seriously almost as bad as after I had Hayden!! Ughh...Sorry, you guys totally don't wanna know all that...

On another note,

My mom and I made A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. shirts for the superbowl :)) I will post pics when we have them on :) I finally broke down and bought a pair of $14.99 jeans. I told myself that I wasn't going to buy ANY jeans until I was back down to my original size, but seriously, I am sick of wearing sweats EVERY day. So I bought one pair. They are Paper Denim...HAHAHAHA. I cannot believe you can get paper denim jeans for $14 bucks now! HILARIOUS. That's what I get for paying $200 for them five years ago. High school kids are so materialistic! Well, I was at

I feel really accomplished today because my math final is done, and I got my geology capstone (like a checkpoint paper) done....Now all I have to finish is my powerpoint for geology and I am done with those classes. All I have left is one class which I start Monday and it is going to be E.A.S.Y...It's Diversity in the Classroom. It's easy because it interests me. Kind of like geology and English. I had never been interested in geology until I took this class...It really is cool! Wow, I'm a nerd. Speaking of nerds, this book I am currently reading is FABULOUS... My friend Shae's mom, Cathy, sent it to me after Hayden's funeral. It was such a pleasant surprise. It is called, "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven". It is amazing, really, it is and it's a true story. It is about a little boy who is 6 years old who got into a fatal car accident with his dad. His head was basically severed from his head and he was surviving based off of life support. He went to heaven and could remember scenes from the accident and things that were going on in the hospital room even though he wasn't concious or even alive at the time. He spent 2 months in a coma and then survived! When he came back he had such an amazing story to share about being in heaven! If you have the opportunity to read it, you really should...

Anyways, I am just so bored today. I am trying to come up with tasty menus for the next few weeks that are low carb and low sugar...this is how I have to eat for the rest of my life, which I am finding can be very tasty...just no fun foods which are my favorite like breads, potatoes, chips, lol.

Let me know if you have any good low carb low sugar recipes :))


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