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Friday, February 25, 2011

First Meeting

Today/tonight went a little crazy, but let me tell you, it was fun! Tonight was supposed to be the first night all the members of the Face2Face Fresno/Clovis (and surrounding areas) got together at the Cheesecake Factory. Last night I had counted 10 ladies that were going to come, so I made 12 (just in case) red velvet cake cheesecake pops and wrapped them up all cute as favors for tonight! Earlier in the day today Melanie and I did lots of planning and working on decor for Cambria's big first b-day! It was so fun and I loved spending the entire day with the two of them :)) Throughout the day I got a few cancellations some due to sickness and some due to weather, but I still counted 5 ladies so I figured that was still a decent sized group. We went upstairs around 4:30 to get all dolled up which was fun actually getting ready for a change! On the way there, I realized that wearing open toed wedges was probably not the best idea so we stopped at my house and I put boots on. While driving to the Cheesecake Factory I received another cancellation! That left us with 4 ladies! Then, I realized I left all the cake pops in the fridge!! GRR!!!! We sat at a table that seated 4 and waited a while, drooling over the delicious bread we couldn't eat (Mel is gluten-intolerant and I can't have carbs due to APS hahahaa). Mel couldn't resist it's deliciousness and had to have literally a pinch hahaha!!! When no one else showed up, we decided we would just go ahead and order. Two amazing salads were on our menu's tonight! So good!! We noticed this lady that walked in alone and was waiting in the corner. We watched and continued to eat our salads. Finally we decided to have our waitress go over and ask her if she was there to meet us, and she was!! Sandy sat with us and came all the way from Visalia to join us and I am SOO glad she did...what an amazing woman. I cannot wait to have more meetings! Just having someone who understands what a loss of this magnitude feels like is just so comforting and the fact that you can sit and laugh about some of the same experiences is just absolutely fabulous. I think the next meeting I have will be just a potluck type thing in my home where we can just sit and relax, but I want to talk to the ladies and see what they think. If anyone has suggestions for group meetings such as this, comment below! Thanks! xoxox

1 comment:

  1. dead on... LOVED it, too. It was such a fun day, despite the many cancelations! ((and BTW, those pops...umm, i've had two and they are to DIE for... serious business right there...and not too bad of a gut ache...but worth the tiny one! lol))
    I cant WAAAIIIITTTTTT for the next one. Can. Not. Wait.
    I loveeedddd Sandy, she is amazing. Just truly amazing! I can't wait to meet more woman like the both of you~ such an inspiration to hope and pursuing dreams, despite such incredible heartache.
    Super excited for the potluck. Looks like I need to learn to bake gluten-free goodies, cuz a pie might be a must for that! or cake or something!

    =) upside to watching what i eat, i've already lost 5 lbs.. ..woohoo! haha