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Friday, January 14, 2011


Definition: Deep venous thrombosis is a condition in which a blood clot forms in a vein that is deep inside the body.
Causes: Childbirth and bed rest. AKA both these activities I participated in this weekend. (there are more causes but that is what caused mine.
Treatment: Leg elevated, off feet, injections twice daily of Lovenox and taking Coumodin once daily. Will know more Monday after I visit the doctor.

Honestly, what more could go wrong in my life. Last night as we wait in the hospital room much longer than necessary, I looked over to Jeff and asked him "What next?" He looked at me, just as worn down as I am and said so matter of fact, "This should be about it." I couldn't help but laugh because it was just so true that seriously, if this isn't the last bad thing that happens too us, I don't know what on earth else could happen. It just seems as though it's one thing after another...

Alright, now that I have been able to vent my negative feelings I want to try and think positively. The only way I can do so is through the grace of God. I am not trying to be all "Holyer than Now" or anything, but I know that only God can take charge of a situation such as this.

Please God, let this be it for the negatives, we are so ready to try and start the healing process. My baby boy is with you, and I don't want him looking down on me in pain. Thank you for keeping Jeff so strong. What an incredible husband I have. You sent me a soldier and I am forever grateful that I have him to lean on during this time. Thank you for my mother and all of my family, Lord. The strength you have given to my mom and the rest of my family is beyond incredible and I feel so honored to be apart of their family. You have truly blessed us with the presence of each other, supporting each other through this time. And thank you so much for the strength you have given to me. I didn't think I would be able to get out of bed, but you pick me up everyday and put me on my feet. Even if I physically can only walk to the bathroom and back, I know there are others who are worse off than I am. I just thank you for the things going good in my life, the togetherness you have given our family and friends, even if it was losing baby Hayden that brought us all closer, I am glad that it has brought us something great. Please Lord, just walk with me and heal my leg so I can better do the tasks you ask of me. I don't want to be going through this Lord and I just need you to be here with me to help me through this. I know there are going to be a lot of tests and doctor visits ahead, and I just pray that you give wisdom to the doctors who are going to be assisting me through the healing if this condition. Another thing I want to pray for is if you wish to bring us future children, I hope you bring them to us in your timing and with pure peace and grace. I am going to trust you with what the future holds for us.
In Jesus' name,


  1. Beautiful prayer! You have a strong and solid foundation in God. Love it. He can handle you telling Him exactly how you feel.

  2. Deep vein thrombosis is a very serious medical condition because of the risk that the blood clot that developed in your vein could break free of the vein and be carried to your lungs. When a blood clot travels to and becomes lodged in your lungs, this is known as a pulmonary embolism. However, deep vein thromboses can disappear by themselves.

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