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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Kicking" off the New Year with a New Trimester!

No pun intended hehehe :) Well, yesterday we officially started the final chapter of the third trimester and boy did the second trimester come to an interesting hault! The last two days of the 2nd tri, Hayden decided he just was going to give mommy a friggin heart attack and not move...AT ALL! After consulting my dear friend Melanie and looking up everything I could find on the internet (also trying cold juice, hot showers, laying down quitely, all the tricks in the book), I decided to give him one more chance before I took his little booty to the emergency room! Right about that time he gave a swift kick telling me "Yo mom! Calm down will ya?? I'm just growin' here!" He has been a squirming ball of fun since then :) I feel so much better :) Our trip down to visit my dad, Lisa, and the boys was awesome. Michael is SOO excited to be an Uncle and doesn't ever take a break from talking about Hayden or asking questions :) It's adorable. I know Garth and Daniel are excited too! Lisa and Dad spoiled us and got our diaper bag full with adorable goodies inside including his first silver rattle, blankets, socks, etc!! It was so nice. Plus a gift card for me to go get my big prego but some clothes which I am in desperate need of. Aunt Nell, Uncle Ernie, Meg and Cleigh also spoiled us and bought us a $50 gift card to babies R us, some Addias socks, Under Armor socks and a super cuddly blanket :) This kid is loved already can you tell? Haha. We have our glucose screening Thursday at 7:30am and we have to do the 3 hour test. FUN. And then we see Dr. Dave next week. The count down is really starting to begin....and becoming very REAL very FAST! :)

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