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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In the past I used to write poems when I was in times of "sadness". Little did I know, I had not known sadness until I lost my child. And during this time, ironic but, I could not write. Finally I developed the courage to write for him on the day of his funeral, Today, January 18th 2011 at 1:00pm.


Today I say goodbye,
to my baby, oh so small,
Today I have to realize,
I will never see him crawl

Or walk or talk or sing,
Or ever touch the sand,
I never get to read him books,
Or even hold his hand

Instead I place gold flowers,
Where his perfect body lay,
Why does this have to happen,
Why Lord, Why today?

I know my baby angel,
Will always be with me,
And there will one day be a time,
When it's his face I finally see

The Lord will show me one day,
Why Hayden is not near,
The problem is today,
I still wonder why he's not here

Help mommy be strong today,
I miss you so, so much,
Stay close to mommy's heart,
And let me feel your touch

Today I blow my kisses,
And send all of Mommy's love,
To my sweet angel baby,
Who will forever live above

~Kaila Pfeifer~

1 comment:

  1. Kaila, that is the most beautiful poem I've ever read... at loss for words. It is good that he will forever be able to be your back bone during time when you just aren't sure...
    and you have all of us, too..we love you girl. See you in a few hours xoxo